You are able to view Vacated Tenancy records from the Tenancy Search Screen.

1. Click the Tenancy Quick Link at the top of the screen.

2. Click the 'Show All + Vacated' button.

3. The Tenancy Status column will indicate the current status of the Tenancy:

4. Filter the screen to the Tenant you are looking for. There may be a number of Tenancy Records for one Client in this list, if the Client has been a Tenant (and Vacated from) numerous Rooms within your Organisation.

For example:

Charlie Giordano has 3 Tenancy Records. He was previously tenanted in Room 10 of our Rooming House (Thunder 47), and was Vacated (see Tenancy Status column). He then moved to Room 07 of our Rooming House (Thunder 47) and vacated that room (see Tenancy Status column). He is currently active in our Property at Smith Street (Smith 198).

5. Double clicking on any of the rows will open the Tenancy Record for the particular Room.