What are processes and steps in Chintaro?

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Chintaro version 2021.08.10 or later includes functionality that enables you to record and track your organisations internal workflow processes for your business within Chintaro. 

Examples of processes you may want to use, are:

  • Vacancy processing - a series of steps used when vacating a tenant
  • Application processing - a series of steps used when a new client has applied for housing with your organisation
  • Maintenance processing - a series of steps used for completing maintenance requests
  • Transfer processing - a series of steps used for completing a tenancy transfer

This solution will detail what is involved with setting up Processes and Steps only. Click here to find out how to add an existing process to a client or tenancy screen. 


What are Processes and Steps in Chintaro?

In Chintaro, a Process is defined as a series of steps required to complete an internally defined business outcome. Steps are the tasks within the process that need to be completed for the process to be completed. 

Processes are used to track a different stages of operational activities to ensure that each task required in the workflow is completed. 

Why should we use Processes in Chintaro?

Some of the benefits of using Processes and Steps in Chintaro are:

  • Increased efficiency: Processes allow for tracking and reporting on workflows and ensure that all steps involved in the process are assigned to someone to action. Steps can be reallocated to different managers to action when required.  
  • Complete visibility of workflow status: The current status of the process, along with the status of each step is easily available at the client level, or by Tenancy/Property Manager.
  • Measurability: Setting the target number of days to complete ensures operational compliance with action targets

Setting up Process Templates

Templates for the processes and steps must be set up before you can create a process for a Client/Tenancy. There is no default process entered into Chintaro as every organisation's process differs. 

This solution will detail how to create one process with steps and the same principle applies for setting up other processes. 

The first step is to set up your templates with steps, and then you can turn the functionality on when it's all set up. 

To set up a new process in Chintaro, from the Home screen, click Processes and then open Manage Process Templates

To create a new process, start with the line with the * and select the type of process you wish to add from the Process Group drop down box:

Enter the name that you would like to give the Process Type *NOTE: It's important to add the Program name the process relates to in this section for easy reporting and filtering when processes are added to tenancies/maintenance tasks. 

Add any additional comments to the Description field:


Once the Process details have been entered, move down to the Template Steps section to enter the steps involved in the process:

Steps are entered in this section in the logical order that they should take place. Start with the line with the * and enter the first step in the process by adding the Sort Order number as 1:

Next, enter a brief description of the task required in the Step Name column:

Enter the number of Target Days you will allow the user to complete the task, from the day the process is started. For instance, 0 days indicates the task must be completed on the day the process is started, 1 indicates the task must be completed 1 day after the process is started, etc:

Enter any further details about what is required from the step in the Instruction section:

Repeat the process of adding all required steps in the order you wish them to take place:

The data is saved as you move through the fields. 

Repeat the instructions above to add more processes to your system.

System Administration required before setting up Processes

When you have set up all templates with steps you can then turn on the functionality in System Maintenance > Preferences > Tenancies Rent > Vacant Processes > Yes

When set to Yes, all Process functionality is enabled.

Adding a Process to a Client/Tenancy screen

Click here to find out how to add a new process to a Client or Tenancy screen.

For further assistance with setting up Processes/Steps in Chintaro

Please contact support@chintaro.com.au for further assistance.

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