Chintaro enables you to record tribunal hearing details in two ways. 

Firstly, there is a hearing date field on the Tenancy screen. The field is customised to your State.

For example, for South Australia, the field is labelled: 'SACAT Hearing'.

Use the hearing date field to enter the date of the next hearing or the last hearing. 

If it is a future date it will be the next hearing, if it is a past date it will be the last hearing. 

Secondly, Arrears Actions can be customised for use in the Arrears Management module to record the actions and notes related to the hearing. 
Arrears Action types are set up in System Maintenance> Setup Word Merges> Arrears. 
Review the column of arrears actions and add any new required action in the bottom row (if needed). 
Do not enter a template name and do not tick Word Merge. 

Please see also: Arrears Management Screen