If you are a Chintaro Cloud user, you may be wondering what we do behind the scenes. Afterhours we address the following tasks:

  • Updating versions
  • Updating Centrelink and Rent Assistance rates
  • Cloud Server Maintenance 

Updating Versions

Chintaro Support updates your Organisation to the latest version of Chintaro after hours. If one of the users within your organisation is still logged in when we attempt to update you, we skip your organisation and attempt to update you next time. Updates usually occur on the weekend, however, if there is an update that we need to apply to fix a particular bug or release an enhancement, we will do this after hours during the week.

Updating Centrelink and Rent Assistance rates

When the latest Centrelink rates are released in March and September each year we will log in after hours and update these rates for you.

Cloud Server Maintenance

Chintaro Support schedules server maintenance on a weekend and will advise users via email that this is going to occur. During this time we update the versions on the products that we use and perform monthly maintenance tasks. In addition to the monthly maintenance, we also restart the server at 3:30 am on Thursday and Sunday mornings.

If you have any questions about the maintenance and upgrades we perform on the Cloud server please contact support@chintaro.com.au.