If you have launched Chintaro, entered your username and password and you receive an error 'ParentIDName is not an index in this table', you have a corrupt version of the code (chintaro.mdb)

To fix this, you will need to ask all users to log off Chintaro. Go to a PC with Chintaro working, and navigate to the C:\Chintaro folder. Copy the chintaro.mdb file:

Copy this file to somewhere on your network EG: Z:\Chintaro\Client Folder

Go back to the PC that has the corrupt version of the code, and find the place you saved the chintaro.mdb file from the working PC. 

Copy this file, and navigate to your C:\Chintaro folder. Right click and select 'Paste'. Click 'Copy and Replace' or 'Replace the file in the destination':

Launch Chintaro. It may take a bit longer than usual to open the first time you open, but the error message will be gone.