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Modified on Fri, 17 Mar 2023 at 11:56 AM

Message Defaults in Chintaro enable users to create both default messages for SMS's and for Notes to reduce the time taken to type out commonly sent messages, or notes added. An example of a message default for an SMS may be to contact the tenant when a payment has been missed:

Our records indicate that you have missed a rent payment. Please contact the office on 03 9111 2626

And a default message for a note may contain the information captured from common communications with a tenant, for example:

Title: Arrears Verbal Repayment Agreement

Detail: Tenant advised about arrears and confirmed they will pay outstanding amount via a repayment agreement. Tenant verbally agreed to pay an extra $xx.xx pw to commence on XX/XX/XXX.

Centrepay has been updated/Tenant to contact Centrelink/Tenant to pay via bank deposit.

You can add as much or as little detain to message defaults as you need. Some organisations add all outcomes to the one Message Default (as per the last line of the italics text above) and others separate out each outcome in its own message. 

This solution details:

Adding a new Default Message (SMS or Note) to Chintaro

To add a new default message, from the Home Screen, go to System Maintenance> Reference Tables> Message Defaults. 

Enter your new default message in the line next to (New). 

Note: There is a limit of 255 characters on SMS defaults.

Once added, click Exit to save the text. You can now select your message default. 

Selecting a Message Default for a Client/Tenancy Note

Open the Tenancy or Client record you wish to add the default message to and click Add Note:

Select a Note Type and drop the Note Body field down. Select your default message from the list:

Once selected, the note will populate in the Note Body section.

Update the title of the note and edit the default message to contain the specifics of the note that relate to your Client/Tenant, for example: 

Click Add to add the note to the tenancy.

Selecting a Message Default for an SMS

Open the Tenancy or Client record you wish to add the default message to and click SMS

Drop the arrow down to view all default messages, and select the option you would like to populate the SMS with:

Once populated, edit the SMS text as appropriate and click Send SMS to send it to your Client/Tenant. 

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