If you are using the SMS functionality in Chintaro, you are able to add 'Default Messages' to the system to reduce the time taken to type out commonly sent messages. An example of this would be to add 'DO NOT REPLY TO THIS SMS' to appear at the end of an SMS:

To add a new default message, from the Home Screen, go to System Maintenance> Reference Tables> Message Defaults. Enter your new default message in the line next to (New). When you begin to type your message, a pencil will appear on the left:

Once you have entered your new default message, exit the Reference Tables screen and your default message will be available for selection when you send an SMS by clicking the box with the arrow in the 'Type your message here' field:

And selecting the default message to send:

Once you have selected the default message, choose to Create Client Note if you want the details of the SMS added as a Client Note, add a Note Title, and edit the text as required before clicking Send SMS.