To add a new Client, from the Home Screen, click Clients, then Manage Clients and the Client Search Screen will open. 

To add a new Client, click the  button in the screen functions which will open an empty Client record, which is separated in to a number of sections:

  • General: The General Section contains General information about the Client. 
  • Demographics: The Demographics Section contains Demographic information about the Client and is used mainly for Statistical Reporting.
  • Income: The Income Section is not used in New Zealand.
  • Support Agencies: The Support Agencies Section is where you can record information about agencies that are providing varying types of support to your Client.
  • Tags & Alerts: The Tags and Alerts section is where you can add specific characteristics to Clients, to group your Clients in different ways. 
  • Arrears Actions: The Arrears Actions section will be updated with Arrears Actions that you take, if the Client becomes a Tenant in Arrears.
  • Related Links: The Related Links section enables you to add a hyperlink in Chintaro regarding a Client file/folder on your network. Chintaro does not store documents or pictures in the database itself, but you can use the Related Links section to link to a file or folder on your network.
  • Notes: The Notes Section is where you record case notes about the history you have with your Client, and where the system will automatically make Notes about the Client (EG Change of Address).
  • Client Functions: The Client Functions are the blue buttons at the top of the Client Record. These include Functions for Barring Clients, recording the Housing History of your Client, Adding Tags, SMS, Email and Word Merge capabilities, Adding Residency Links, Make Bookings for Out Care Organisations, Next of Kin details, Confirmations received from the Client, Income Details (the Default View on the Client Record), the Waiting List function to add the Client to the Waiting List, and the Create Tenancy Function.

When Adding a New Client, it is recommended that you move through the fields in order, from the top left hand side of the screen (General > Demographics > Income > Support Agencies > Tags > Alerts etc.) Add data to fields on the screen that you know, and that is relevant to your Organisation. Once something has been entered it is generally assumed that this is correct. You can skip fields if you are unsure, and come back and add the data later.

To move easily between fields in Chintaro, press <ENTER> or <TAB> even if no value is entered. You can manually click between fields, but this slows down data entry.

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