When you process Centrepay, WINZ or Bank Statements, the transactions generated will be saved to the Bank Account you selected in Step 1. 

There are 2 screens that enable you to view your Bank Accounts:

1.  View Bank Accounts - to view payments with 1 or 0 splits

2.  View Bank Accounts (2 Line) - to view payments with multiple splits

To view your Bank Accounts in Chintaro, from the Finance Sub-Menu, click Bank Functions and then click View Bank Accounts.


The Bank Account screen will open. The most recent transactions are at the top of the record.


Select the Bank Account that you want to view in Step 1.


You are able to allocate payments from this screen, if you processed the file without allocating the payment to a Tenant. Once you have worked out which Tenancy the payment should be allocated to, select the correct Tenant from the drop down list.


Ensure the Gen Credit box is ticked (Step 2) and click(Step 3). The allocated payment will now appear on the Tenancy Transactions ledger of the Tenant.


The View Bank Accounts (2 Line) screen works in the same way as the View Bank Accounts screen, but will display 2 lines of information which includes detail regarding payment splits.


You are able t sort or filter the Bank Transactions and press the Export button at the top opf the screen to export the filtered transactions in to MS Excel. 

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