When creating a new Tenancy, you may want to generate the first 14 days rent for your Tenant. Usually, rent will be generated in bulk for all Tenants, but there are times when you will want to manually generate the rent individually for single Tenancies. 

Generating the rent for 14 days for 1 Tenant

To generate the rent for 14 days for 1 Tenant, open their Tenancy screen (Home > Tenancies > Manage Tenancies > Double click Tenants name).

In the middle section of the screen, you'll see the Tenancy Transactions Ledger. Usually for a new Tenant, there will be one Opening Balance (a credit for $0) and no other transactions.

Check the Rent Record is correct by clicking  on the left hand side of the screen. Ensure the weekly amount of rent (and other charges) is entered and correct. Your Organisation may charge rent fortnightly, but the amount a Tenant will pay must always be entered as weekly in the Rent Record.

Ensure the Start Date of the rent record is the same date as the Tenancy Start Date on the left hand side of the screen.

Click Generate Rent. The Generate Rent pop up will open:


The number of days that the rent will be generated for (either 7 days or 14 days) will default in this pop-up. If you are generating rent for a new Tenant, you may want to bring the Tenant in to line with when their Centrepay/WINZ payment is received, so that the date the rent is generated matches their payment (See the Solution for: Generating Less than 14 Days Rent for a Single Tenant). 


To generate 14 days of rent, click Generate. A 14 day rent charge will now appear in the Tenancy Transactions ledger. It will show the Date you generated the rent, the Transaction Type as a Rent Charge, the Comments including the dates the rent was charged for, the Amount showing as a negative number (meaning a debit), and the Rent column will indicate it was a rent transaction. The Total balance will also show in debit.

If you are charging the Tenant other charges besides rent (EG furniture, garden charge, etc.), when you generate rent, the extra charges will be entered as a separate transaction(s).

The Rent Charged To date in the Tenancy record will now be updated to reflect the new rent charged to date:

NOTE: The Rent Charged To date should always match the last date in the most recent rent charge in the Tenancy Transactions ledger (EG 18/01/2017 in the above example). If this does not match, please contact Chintaro Support.

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