Downloading the latest Centrelink Rates


The latest Centrelink rates and Centrelink Rent Assistance Rates can be downloaded from the bottom of this Solution (CentreLinkMarch2018.csv & CentreLinkRAMarch2018.xls). 

NOTE: South Australian users ONLY need to update the July 2018 Centrelink Rates. There is no change to Rent Assistance rates in July 2018.

Only 1 Chintaro User needs to update the Centrelink and Rent Assistance Rates. Once it has been updated by 1 person, the change will apply for all Chintaro Users.


Download the attached files and save them somewhere on your network (EG C:\Chintaro\Centrepay Import Files or to your desktop). These files are only temporary.

Importing the Centrelink rates in to Chintaro

1. In Chintaro, from the Finance Sub-Menu, click Centrelink Functions and then click Import Centrelink Rates


2. The Import and Process Centrelink Rates screen will open:


3. Click the  button to find the Centrelink Rates file


4. Click


5. When the file is imported, clickto close off the old Rent rates


6. Chintaro will advise you that the New Centrelink Rates have been added:


Importing the Rent Assistance rates in to Chintaro


Once you have downloaded the Centrelink Rent Assistance Rates, in Chintaro, from the Finance Sub-Menu click Centrelink Functions and then click Import Rent Assistance Rates

The Import and Process Centrelink Rent Assistance Rates screen will open:

Click the  button to find the Centrelink Rent Assistance Rates file



Chintaro will advise you that the new Rent Assistance rates have been updated:


You have now successfully updated your Centrelink rates and rent assistance rates. Please contact for further assistance.