This solution details how to increase the rent for one Tenant/Household when their rent amount increases. Chintaro has a screen that you can apply rent reviews in bulk, and the process for this is found here.

Increasing the Rent for an individual Tenancy

From the Home Screen, click Tenancies from the Main Menu, then click Manage Tenancies to open the Tenancies search screen, and double click the Tenant you want to edit the rent for. 

Open the Rent Record by clicking the Edit Rent button on the left hand side of the Tenancy screen:

The middle section of the screen will change to show the history of rent charged at this room/property. The current rent record will be at the top of the record, and the end date of the current record will be blank.

The first thing you'll need to do is close off the old rent record by entering an end date. The end date will be the date before the new rate comes in. Do not alter the figure in the rent column:

After you have entered the end date as the day before the new rent will be charged, a message will appear to tell you there is no current record. Click OK:

To enter the new rent record, click in the Start Date box of the record at the bottom (with the *).

Create a new rent record by entering the Start Date, new rent amount, other charges (if applicable) and the Market Rent of the Room. Leave the end date blank:

Clicking on another screen function or exiting the screen will save the new rent record. The new rent charge will appear on the left hand side of the screen: