When running Access, the Trust Centre Settings have to be adjusted in order to allow Chintaro to run properly. When macros are not enabled, you will see this error. If you are using Access Runtime, you do not need to change the Trust Center Settings.

To remove these messages and adjust the settings for all users, the following steps need to be taken on all PCs that are running Chintaro.

STEP 1. Open Microsoft Access

STEP 2. Select ‘Open Other Files’

STEP 3. Select ‘Options’ from the menu on the left hand side:

STEP 4. Select ‘Trust Center’ at the bottom of the left-hand menu on the ‘Access Options’ page. Then select ’Trust Center Settings’ on the right hand side of the pop up.



STEP 5. Select ‘Macro Settings' from the left hand menu on the ‘Trust Center’ page.

STEP 6. Select ‘Enable all macros (not recommended; potentially dangerous code can run)’. Click OK.


STEP 7. Repeat this process for all PCs that are running Chintaro.

If you are also receiving a 'Security Warning' error message, please see this solution: How to remove the Security Warnings when starting Chintaro