Depending on which version of Windows and Access you are using, you may get a series of annoying warnings that appear after you enter your login details to Chintaro.

The warning looks like this:


You may get this message a few times or up to 20 times before Chintaro opens. If you keep clicking Open, you will eventually get past them.

Why do they appear?

The warnings are telling you that Chintaro is accessing a folder that is not a “trusted” folder, and therefore your computer is not sure is safe.  The folder concerned is usually the local file Chintaro runs from, or the shared data folder that contains the Chintaro database files.  In the screenshot above, the folder concerned is m:\chintaro\data.

Any folder that appears in one of these warnings in not “trusted”.

How do I make the folder “trusted”?

The easiest way to make a folder "trusted" is to turn on Trusted locations, and setting the location (with Access 2010).

Turn on Trusted Locations and set your Trusted Locations

If you are using Access 2010, you can turn on Trusted Locations and set the folders to be trusted.


Open  Microsoft Access and click 

Clickand then Click



Tick the ‘Allow Trusted Locations on my network’ box:



Add the Chintaro Data folder and the local Chintaro client folder to the Path field:

Once you have added the above folders, the Security Warnings will no longer appear. 

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