After a financial period has been closed in Chintaro, you are able to create a Property transaction file to export to your General Ledger to reconcile your bank account. 

Setting Up GL Codes

Before you begin exporting Property transactions from Chintaro, you will need to set up the General Leger (GL) codes that have been assigned to each transaction type and program. 

From the Home Screen, click Finance, then General Ledger Exports, then Export Property Transactions GL:

This screen shows you all of the Property Transactions in the system that have not yet been exported from Chintaro. 

When you come in to the Export Property GL Screen for the first time, the GL Code column will show No GL Code for all Property Transaction Types in all Programs. Each Transaction Type in each Program must have a unique GL Code assigned to it. 

In this screen, the GL Code column allows you to enter a GL Code for one Transaction Type, and after one GL Code is assigned to one Transaction Type, Chintaro will populate all other rows with the same Transaction Type and Program automatically. 

EG: In our Joint Venture Program, Council Rates may have a GL Code of 1000. Click in the GL Code field, press the backspace key to remove the text 'No GL Code', and enter the assigned code:

Press <ENTER> on the keyboard (or click elsewhere on the screen), and Chintaro will automatically populate the GL Code you entered for one Transaction type, to all Transaction Types in that particular Program:

You can now move through each Transaction Type and enter the relevant GL Codes in the same way:

NOTE: You are able to sort and filter this screen in the same ways you can with any other Search Screen in Chintaro. Click here to view the Solution for Using Search Screens in Chintaro

Exporting Property Transactions from Chintaro

When you have allocated GL codes to all Property Transaction Types for all Programs, you are able to export these Transactions from the Export GL Property Transactions screen. 

1. Select the GL Type you want to export for from the drop down list:

2. Select the GL Level: either Detail or Summary. Selecting Detail will produce an export with one line for each transaction, and Summary will include one line for the Transaction Type and Program, but only include the total balance.

3. Select the Output Folder you would like the file saved to. Use the box to navigate to somewhere on your network. 

4. Enter an Output Filename.

5. Select the transactions you want to export by filtering the screen. If you wish to export all Property transactions, press the Select All button which will put a tick in the Include column for all Property transactions that have a GL Code assigned (clicking Select None will remove this).

NOTE: Transaction Types with no GL code will not be included in the export

You may want to export all transactions for a specific time frame, such as last month, last week or a day (such as yesterday's transactions). If you wish to export transactions for a specific time frame, click the black arrow in the Date column, go down to Date Filters and select the filter you want to apply:

When you select Transactions, you'll see the number of transactions selected, with the total at the top of the screen:

6. After you've filtered the screen, and are ready to export the transactions, click Export.

7. Chintaro will advise that the file was created successfully:

8. The transactions you selected will be removed from the Export GL Property Transactions screen, and will be in the file you saved on your network. 

 Export Property Transactions Batch Maintenance

If you have exported transactions from the Export Property Transactions GL screen, but you made a mistake or want to reverse the export action, you are able to delete the batch you created through the Export Property Transactions Batch Maintenance function.

From the Home Screen, click Finance, then General Ledger Exports, and Export Property Transactions Batch Maintenance:

Click to highlight the row you want to delete, and press the Delete Batch button. 

All Property transactions that were exported in the deleted batch will return to the Export Property GL Transactions screen.