Chintaro enables you to send your Waiting List Clients Word merged letters in bulk.

To create bulk Word Merges (letters) to Clients on the Waiting List, click the Waiting List button on the Main Menu, then click Wait List Letters. The Waiting List Letters Screen will open.

First, select the Word Template you would like to send your Clients on the Waiting List.
Tick the box if you would like a Note recorded on each Client’s record that the letter was sent.
Filter the list of Clients you want to contact (by Waiting List Type, Household Type, Program, Preferences, etc.) 

Once you have a filtered list, or want to contact all Clients, click the  button. Alternatively, individually select the Clients you want to contact by ticking the Include box. Click the  box to untick all Clients in the Include box. 

When you are ready, click the  button. Microsoft Word will open with the Client information filled in to the Waiting List Word Merge template. 

Clicking the  button will take you back to the screen’s default view.