Some organisations want to manage arrears by coming to an arrangement with the tenant that they will pay extra each week/fortnight until the arrears debt is repaid.  Many organisations just have the tenant increase their payment, and in Chintaro this increased payment will eventually reduce the debt.  Because all "Over" payments made in Chintaro defaults to rent, this will work fine.

If you wish to setup the Rent Arrears amount as a separate amount to normal rent, and track payments against the arrears as a separate amount, this is what you need to do:

1. Create the Transaction Types

You will need two new transaction types (if you don't already have them)

- Rent Arrears Charge

- Rent Arrears Payment

Go to System Maintenance>Reference Tables>Transaction Types.

Enter the transaction types that appear in yellow in this screenshot:

The Arrangement Charge ID entered against the Payment must be the ID of the charge - they probably won't be 220 in your Chintaro.

Make sure the the Rent Arrears Payment has both the Split and Arrangement columns ticked.

Note:  you can't use Transaction Type 2 as your Arrangement Type ID - you need to setup a Charge specifically for an Arrears Charge.

2. Setup the Arrangements

For each tenancy that you have a Rent Arrears Arrangement, You need to do the following:

2.1 Go into the Tenancy Screen and you should see the Rent Arrears amount showing next to Total: (highlighted in yellow). You might need to filter the Rent column to show only Rent Transactions.

2.2 Enter a CR Rent Adj Transaction for the total of the Rent Arrears amount, which will bring the balance to $0.00.  Use the comments field to record the details of the Arrangement you made.

2.3 Enter a Rent Arrears Charge Transaction for the same amount you used in the previous step.  The Arrears Balance will then be the same as the amount of the Arrangement.

2.4 Setup the Arrangement

Click the Payment Arrangements button at the top of the screen to show the Arrangements Payment pane.

Select whether payments will be made Weekly or Fortnightly. Choose Rent Arrears Payment as the Arrangement Type and enter the amount that will be made each week or fortnight.

That's all you need to do.  Each time the tenant makes a payment and providing there is enough paid to cover the rent and the arrears, the payment will be split into a Rent Payment and a Rent Arrears Payment.

See the User Guide/Video training for a full explanation of how arrangement and splits work if you are unsure.