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Report for rent in arrears (concise)"as at date"

When you run this report,(selection criteria = Active arrears + todays date, it does not give you a true balance "as at todays date", it gives you a balance as at where you have charged rent up to.
We can currently manipulate an export to get the daily arrears but this is laboursome

Is anyone having this issue?

Also the sample report is not the dame as what is previewed/printed

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Hi Mary,

Thank you for this suggestion. Most of our reports are written specifically for an Organisation. This report was written specifically for a user, as per their request and then added to Chintaro for public use. 

If you would like a specific report written for your Organisation, please let us know and we can add this request to our enhancement list. This request will then move through the appropriate channels to be made available.

Have a lovely weekend.


Kind regards

Kate Fitzpatrick
Chintaro Support


Social Housing Management Simplified


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