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NSW 2017/2018 Reporting requirements

Email from Jeffrey Maunder (FACS) 17 August 2017

Subject: 2017/2018 reporting requirements


Good Afternoon All


Please find attached copies of the 2017/2018 reporting schedule and reporting requirements.


The first thing that you will notice is that there are three more templates. These are all only for reporting on the SAHF programme. They have been included here as you may see them on the list in CHIMES from quarter 1 2017/18.


For the few who are going to need to report on SAHF the fields in these templates have been finalised but some of the expected responses are as yet undecided. Training from the SAHF programme managers will be provided before any of this takes effect.


As you would be aware there were changes to Dwelling, Tenancies & Households for quarter 4 2016/17. Unfortunately, it wasn’t known at the time that the Resident file would also need to change. (At the time it was believed that they could be contained to the SAHF-only Support file but it was subsequently determined that this wouldn’t work.)


Please take a look at the Resident section of the requirements and/or the DEMO sample to see the 5 new fields required for quarter 1 2017/18 resident submissions. Once again,  data in each of these fields is optional unless reporting on residents in SAHF dwellings.


Going forwards the “Main income source of resident” field will become mandatory from quarter 1 2018/19 reporting in October next year.


If you have any questions regarding the schedule and/or the reporting requirements please let me know.


Jeff Maunder

Jeffrey Maunder | Team Leader, CHIMES Admin & Support

Department of Family and Community Services

Programs and Service Design

✆ 02 8753 8313

Level 4, 2 Cavill Ave, Ashfield NSW 2131


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These requirements will need to be included in Chintaro by Quarter 4 (1 April 2018)

The new columns required in CAPMH spreadsheets were added in 6.1.21

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