This solution details the options you and your organisation have to learn about how to use Chintaro and covers the following options:

Chintaro Learning

Chintaro Learning is a powerful new training platform suited to users of any ability. Working at their own pace, learners move through modules by topic and each module will provide a comprehensive understanding of the associated Chintaro function.


Chintaro Learning is FREE to all Chintaro users. 

To learn more about Chintaro Learning click here.

Chintaro Coaching  

For organisations new to Chintaro and those needing more structured and guided training for their users, Chintaro Coaching is a paid service utilising a combination of the online Chintaro Learning modules and personal training sessions led by Chintaro experts.  

Learners must firstly complete the relevant Chintaro Learning module/s which will then be followed by a personal coaching session.   

Chintaro Learning accounts will be created for each learner and reports on completion rate will be provided prior to the personal training session.  

The training sessions run for up to 1 hour and will be based on the four following topics: 

  • Session 1 - Tenancies: Client, Property, Tenancy questions and processes including rent reviews, bonds 

  • Session 2 - Finance: Individual questions about Finance, e.g. General Ledger questions/ processes, Manage Tenancy Transactions screens 

  • Session 3 - Properties: Maintenance questions, Inspections (including Property Inspection Manager and Maintenance Manager integrations if applicable) 

  • Session 4 - Operations: Word Merges, Reporting, Reference Tables, setting up Processes, User Roles 

At the conclusion of the Chintaro Coaching package, users will have had exposure to all Chintaro functions and a strong understanding of how they work. 

These sessions are delivered via Microsoft Teams and recordings will be provided. Changes can be made to the above content upon request. 

The standard Chintaro Coaching package costs $2700 AUD excl GST.

Bespoke Training  

Have specific needs?  We can work with you to tailor a training package to suit.  

Please contact to start a conversation on how you can become a Chintaro expert!