Queensland Templates

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Attached to this Solution are the Queensland Templates which are forms that are used as Word Merges to populate with fields from Chintaro.

RTA (Residential Tenancies Authority) Forms

(Up to date as of 7 Jun 2024)

General Tenancies

  • Form 1a: Entry Condition Report General Tenancies
  • Form 1b: Entry Condition Report Moveable Dwelling/Site
  • Form 2: Bond Lodgement
  • Form 3: Change of Rental Property
  • Form 4: Refund of Rental Bond
  • Form 4a: Bond Refund for Persons Experiencing Domestic and Family Violence
  • Form 5: Change of Property Manager/Owner
  • Form 6: Change of Bond Contributors
  • Form 8: Signature Record
  • Form 9: Entry Notice
  • Form 10: Notice of lessor's intention to sell premises
  • Form 11: Notice to Remedy Breach
  • Form 12: Notice to Leave
  • Form 13: Notice of Intention to Leave
  • Form 14a: Exit Condition Report Form General Tenancies
  • Form 14b: Exit Condition Report Form Moveable Dwelling/Site
  • Form 15: Abandonment Termination Notice
  • Form 16: Dispute Resolution Request
  • Form 17a: Pocket Guide for Tenants House and Units
  • Form 17b: Pocket Guide for Tenants Caravan Parks
  • Form 18a: General Tenancy Agreement Form
  • Form 18b: Moveable Dwelling Tenancy Agreement
  • Form 19: Notice to Vacate from Mortgagee to Tenant
  • Form 20: Notice Ending Tenancy Interest
  • Form 21: Request for Approval to Keep a Pet in Rental Property

Rooming Accommodation

  • Form R1: Condition Report 
  • Form R9: Entry Notice
  • Form R11: Remedy Breach
  • Form R12: Notice to Leave 
  • Form R13: Notice of Intention to Leave 
  • Form R18: Rooming Accommodation Agreement
  • Form R19: Notice to Vacate from Mortagee to Resident/s
  • Form R20: Notice Ending Residency Interest Domestic and Family Violence


  • Continuing Interest Notice
  • Domestic and Family Violence Report
  • Pet Request Response Template for Lessors

Click HERE to for Instructions and a Video on Setting Up Word Merges.

If there's a form that's missing from this list, let us know and we'll create it for you!

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