If you are already running Chintaro and would like to run it from a new PC, do the following:

· Copy the c:\chintaro folder from one PC to your new PC (either do it with a memory stick or copy it to the shared folder then go to the new PC and copy it from the shared folder).Make sure the Chintaro shortcut is in the c:\chintaro folder, or is copied separately.

· Ensure Access is installed on the new PC.

· Adjust the Access Trust Center Settings (see instructions below).

· Launch Chintaro

Copy Chintaro Folder to the New PC

Log out of Chintaro and copy the c:\Chintaro folder to a memory stick, or more commonly to a shared network folder.  Often, a folder called ClientFolder is created under the x:\chintaro\ network folder (where x: is the shared network drive).  If there is an older version of the ClientFolder folder, overwrite it. 


Make sure that the desktop shortcut used to launch Chintaro is included in this folder before copying.

Then go to the new PC and copy the Chintaro folder contained in the ClientFolder to the C: drive of the new PC, creating a c:\chintaro folder.

Then, copy the Chintaro shortcut from the Chintaro folder on the desktop or taskbar. 

Ensure MS Access is Installed on the New PC

Chintaro requires Microsoft Access 2007 or 2010 to be installed on a PC before it can run.  If you do not have either of these versions installed, you can download the free Microsoft Access Run Time 2010 (32 bit version) and use this to run Chintaro. 

Check Trust Centre Settings

When running Chintaro, the Microsoft Access Trust Center Settings have to be adjusted in order to allow Chintaro to run properly.   If you are using the runtime version of Access, you can skip this step.

When macros are not enabled you will see this error:

To enable macros to run and avoid this error the following steps need to be taken:

1. SSelect Trust Centre, then Trust Centre Settings.

1. SSelect Macro Settings, then Enable All Macros.