This solution details the enhancements made to both the SQL and Access September 2022 versions of Chintaro. The SQL changes are at the top and Access changes at the bottom.

Property Enhancements

  • Occupancy History to show the Start Date as the Online Date of the Room: Rather than Date Entered into the system. Home > Properties > Room > Occupancy History.

  • Condition Rating Date editable on Manage Properties screen: Field has been made editable so that users can add the condition rating date straight into Manage Properties field.

Finance Enhancements

  • St Pats GL Export added: To be run at Detail level only, and must have template StPatsGLExport.xlsx added to Data\Templates folder to populate as required. New GL set in System Maintenance > Finance > GL Format. 

  • Monte Cecilia GL Export tweaked: As specification required.

  • Xero Export (format 62) - Txn!Comment field: Changed to use the TxnBank!Description field. Finance > General Ledger Exports > Export Transactions GL.

  • Manage Tenancy Balances screen - added column for 'Latest Rent Payment Relative': For organisations who charge their tenants for the past week, rather than in advance, the new column will show the latest payment within the last rent charge period. Finance > Tenancy Balances.

Reporting Enhancements

  • Property Gas, Plumbing, Electrical and Smoke Alarm Safety Checks: Required by Victorian housing providers who manage General Lease and HPF programs, but can be used by any state to record and monitor the regular safety checks required for properties. Click here for more information on Property - Safety Checks:

  • Additional reports added to Statutory Reporting Analyser screen: Reports for DCJ (NSW), AHO (NSW), South Australian Quarterly report, THM Report (VIC) and General Lease Report (VIC) added to Statutory Reporting Analyser screen. The data is populated in this section to assist with analysing before report is run. Home > Reports and Exports > Statutory Reporting Analyser

  • DCJ Report - Smoke Alarm Information added to Dwellings export: Smoke Alarm information on Inventory Item of Property, dates pulled from Maintenance Task on those Inventory Items: Setting Up Chintaro to produce the DCJ Report

Bug Fixes

  • Times in Schedule Inspections > Time out of numerical order - fixed.

  • Payment Arrangements not splitting for payments imported for Vacated Tenants - fixed.

  • Payment Arrangements not splitting for Direct Debit payments - fixed.

  • 'Transfer' checks removed from VRS8.2 - fixed.