Chintaro Learning is where you enrol in courses to learn how to use Chintaro. You can choose courses specific to your role, or select from a variety of subjects.


Creating an account

You will either be emailed login details from the Chintaro Support Team, or you can search Chintaro Learning and create your account from the login page. If you have trouble finding Chintaro Learning you can always ask the Support Team for assistance.

If you have login details from the Chintaro Support Team, skip ahead to the login instructions.

The web address for Chintaro Learning is:

Or search the web using the words 'Chintaro Learning'.

You can create an account from the Home page or the Login page of Chintaro Learning:

On the Home page use the 'Click Here' button to sign up to start your first Chintaro training course.

On the Log in page use the 'Create new account' button if it is your first time here.

To create an account you will need to fill in all required fields:

Select ‘Create my new account’ to confirm.

You will receive a confirmation email with your credentials and a link which will take you to the Chintaro learning site. 

Activating your account

Use the link in the email to activate your account in Chintaro Learning, then you will be able to proceed with training by clicking ‘Continue’:

Logging in

Once you have your account information you are able to log in and continue your training at any time. Type your Username and Password. Then select 'Log In'.


Your dashboard is the hub of your training. Once you are enrolled in a courses/courses you will see your current courses on this page in the Course Overview section, and all of the Course Categories on the right-hand side of the page:

Navigating Chintaro Learning

Throughout the Chintaro Learning site you are free to switch between pages by using the navigation tabs at the top of the screen at all times (apart from when you are completing a module - more on this later):

You will also see that there is a chain of pages which you can use to track your navigation throughout the site. You can click on any of these links to take you to that page.

Enrolling in courses and modules

As you will have seen, upon logging in to Chintaro Learning for the first time you will see that there are no courses listed in your course overview. This is because you are entitled to enrol in any course that is relevant to your own needs. To enrol in a course you can either click on ‘All Courses’ or use the ‘Course Categories’ section to select a course from within those categories:

For example we will select ‘Introduction Training (Beginner)’ from the Course list. 

On the next page you will see the ‘Enrol me’ button, clicking this will enrol you in this course. The next page that pops up will confirm that you have enrolled in the course.

It will then show up on your dashboard, along with your progress in the course:

Accessing and completing modules within courses

When you are enrolled in a course, you have access to modules which you will work through to complete your training with Chintato Learning. 

To access a module you need to go into your course and scroll down to the modules. Click on the module you wish to begin (we will select the first module in this course):

You can then proceed to complete the module and if applicable the subsequent quiz.