The Chintaro App is an exciting new feature being developed for Chintaro Cloud users.  Currently the app is in beta testing mode.  What this means is that a few select organisations have been chosen to try out the app to identify any bugs or issues with it.  These issues will be addressed before the general release.


Chintaro Settings

Each user must have their mobile number configured within Chintaro before logging in to the app.  This is needed for licensing reasons.  It will also be used to ensure that someone isn't logged in to Chintaro on a separate device already.  If that is the case, it will disconnect the previous session.  

To enter a mobile number, a user with system administration rights needs to go to System Maintenance > Security, then highlight the user's Chintaro login name.  The mobile number needs to be entered on the right-hand side (see image below):

Setup App for Android Users

Android users need to download the testing app using the following link:  This should prompt the installation and take you through the process.  It will advise of any settings that need to be changed.

Setup App for iOS Users

iOS users will receive an email from Apple, advising them to install the TestFlight app.  A link to the app will be in the email. They will need to enter a code into the App that will be provided by Apple.

Logging in to the App

When you start the app on your device, the following login screen will be displayed:

The client field will be provided by Chintaro support and depends on the organisation.  The username and password are your Chintaro username and password (not Parallels).

*Please note - for security reasons, the application will log you out if there is no activity for 15 minutes.

Reporting Issues

If the tester comes across any issues or ideas for improvements during testing, they should be reported by sending an email to