Chintaro Learning is the powerful new platform users access to complete Training Modules for Chintaro functionality. The modules are categorised into topics which users self register for and complete at their own pace. Each module contains a presentation on a topic designed to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of how certain functions work in the system. The modules are text based and there is no audio for these modules.

This new platform differs from the Online Training LMS (previously used for Chintaro Training) which contained videos and will be discontinued soon. If you have registered for the Online Training previously, you will still need to set up a new account for Chintaro Learning.


Registering for Online Learning

All users who wish to access training modules need to self-register for Chintaro Learning before they can sign up and begin the training.

To register, click this link to be taken directly to the Chintaro Learning website:

Click Create new account.

Enter your details in the Signup page and click Create my new account when finished:

A registration email will be sent to your desktop email system. Click the confirmation link to complete your registration. 

If you are unable to click the link, please copy and paste it into your web browser.

Accessing Chintaro Learning Courses 

Once you have registered for Chintaro Learning, click on the course you'd like to complete by selecting the name in the Course Category section 

The Course view will open - click Enrol Me to enrol in the course

Once you are enrolled in a course, click on the name of the module here to begin the course:

Click Enter to start your Chintaro Learning

Modules in Chintaro Learning are presentations, which users can click through at their own pace. Click in the slides (EG Start) to begin, or use the toggles at the bottom of the section to go back and forward between slides:

To view more information on nay of the screens in Chintaro Insights, click the Jump To Section to find the screen you'd like more information on. Click the name to open a separate tab to the Knowledge Base.

When you're finished, log out by clicking your name at the top right of the screen and select Log Out.

For further information bout Chintaro Learning

Please contact for further information about Chintaro Learning.