The Chintaro and Maintenance Manager integration enables users to export their Property and Tenancy data from Chintaro, import it in to Maintenance Manager, complete the maintenance required in Maintenance Manager and import it back in to Chintaro for reporting. 

This solution details how to export the data required for Maintenance Manager out of Chintaro, as well as how to import the completed data back in to Chintaro from Maintenance Manager. 

Linking Chintaro with Maintenance Manager

Before you can use the Maintenance Manager functions in Chintaro, you must have an account set up with Maintenance Manager and have the necessary credentials set up in Chintaro's System Maintenance function. Your Chintaro System Administrator can enter or check these details for you, and the instructions on setting up the Parameters are in this link: How to set up the integration between Maintenance Manager and Chintaro

Exporting Property and Tenancy Data from Chintaro

When your Organisation's Maintenance Manager credentials are in Chintaro, you can export your Property and Tenancy data from Chintaro to use in Maintenance Manager.

To export this data, from the Home Screen > Property Maintenance > Maintenance Manager Export screen:

The Export Maintenance Manager File screen will open:

The Output Folder will show a C:\Chintaro location which can be left if you have this folder mapping, but if not, this needs to be changed to any location on your PC (either a local or shared drive). This is a temporary file, and doesn't need to be saved anywhere specific. Click the button with 3 dots next to the Output Folder location to select somewhere on your network.

Leave the Output Filename as it is (MMgrExport.csv).

Click Export 

The box below the Filename will show when the Upload has started, the file has been created and when the file has been uploaded successfully:

Your Property and Tenancy data has now been uploaded in to Maintenance Manager and is ready to use.

Importing Completed Maintenance Tasks in to Chintaro

When you have Maintenance jobs that have been completed in Maintenance Manager, you will export them back to Chintaro to use for reporting.

To import the completed jobs, from the Home Screen > Property Maintenance > Maintenance Manager Import screen: 

Click Import.

The completed Maintenance Tasks will now appear in Chintaro under Property Maintenance with details from Maintenance Manager.