The integration between Chintaro and Maintenance Manager enables Chintaro data to be used in Maintenance Manager, and Maintenance Manager data to be sent back to Chintaro for reporting. 

This article details how to set up this integration in Chintaro.

Entering Maintenance Manager credentials in to Chintaro

When you have an account set up with Maintenance Manager, you will be provided with a set of credentials that require input in to Chintaro by a System Administrator.

From the Home Screen > System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Parameters. Scroll down until you reach the Parameters beginning with MMgr:


Make sure that your MMgrAPiBaseUrl parameter is set to

Enter your organisation's unique credentials that have been supplied to you by Maintenance Manager in the applicable Parmtext column of the Parameters table:



Once you have entered these credentials, you are ready to use the Maintenance Manager screens in Chintaro.