From time to time you may schedule an inspection in error and would like it to be deleted from the Manage Inspections screen.  This solution will guide you through the process.  Please note that this is only available for the SQLx version of Chintaro.

To view a list of scheduled inspections go to Home > Property Maintenance > Inspections > Manage Inspections.  You will then see a screen similar to the image below:

  • Select the inspection that you would like to delete by selecting the grey box on the left-hand side, to highlight the entire row.
  • Click on the 'Delete Inspection' button in the blue task bar at the top:

  • The following pop-up will appear:

  • You have the option to adjust the Last Inspection Date and Next Inspection Date for both the Room Details screen, as well as the Tenancy Details screen.  Just tick the box on the left for one or both options and adjust the dates.
  • Click Delete.
  • The inspection will disappear from the Manage Inspections Screen.  You can then re-schedule any inspections you would like from the Schedule Inspections Screen (for further information see the solutions below).

Click here to view the solution - Scheduling your Inspections in Chintaro if you are using the PIM app to conduct Inspections 

Click here to view the solution - How to use the Inspections screens if you are not using PIM to conduct Inspections