In Australia, the JobSeeker Payment has replaced Newstart Allowance from 20 March 2020.

In Chintaro, the IncomeType can be changed from Newstart to JobSeeker. 

Please follow the steps below to manually change the name of the income type in the Income Reference Table.

Your Chintaro System Administrator or a user with access to System Maintenance can log in to Chintaro to complete these steps.

Open Home> System Maintenance> Reference Tables

Scroll down to the Income table

Look in the IncomeType column for the rows that refer to Newstart Allowance. Ignore the rows that have (ICS). 

Change the words related to Newstart Allowance or Newstart in the IncomeType column only. Do not make changes to other columns or other rows of data.

Change the rows for Newstart to Job Seeker.

Close the reference table.

If you have other income types to add please refer to this solution for maintaining Chintaro Reference tables

If you use Centrelink Confirmation eServices with Chintaro, the Job Seeker and Job Keeper payment types are added to the Income reference table when you update to Chintaro 2020.04.08 (both SQLx and Access).

Please contact Chintaro support if you have any questions