Please find following instructions for logging in and out of your Chintaro trial.  This is a single concurrent user login meaning one person may log in at any one time.


Logging in

Launch Remote Desktop Connection by searching for this program using the search field on your taskbar: 

Remote Desktop Connection will launch and you will see a pop up like this: 

Enter the Computer, Username and Password that Chintaro Support has provided to you and then click CONNECT 

You will see the Chintaro Cloud Desktop:

You will see the Chintaro icon, Windows Explorer (that enables users to access their data folder to import Bank files, add/modify Templates, etc.) and the applications required to run Word Merges, Reports & Exports and send Emails from Chintaro.

To access the Trial version of Chintaro, double click on the Chintaro Icon.

Once Chintaro has opened, you will be presented with a log on box. Please enter your Chintaro username and password that has been provided to you by either Chintaro Support or your Chintaro Sales Representative.

Chintaro will open:

Local Resources

Your Printers and Drives are redirected by Remote Desktop. This is managed in Remote Desktop connection properties under the 'Local Resources' tab.

Logging off

It is very important to log off Chintaro properly when you have finished your session. Whether you are using Chintaro Cloud or a Local version, an active/or idling session that has been left open overnight can be open to data loss. Please ensure that all staff log off at the end of each day.

Once you have finished, click the Quit To Windows button or the Exit button to log out of Chintaro.

You will be taken back to the Chintaro Cloud desktop.

Click the Windows Start icon 

To log out of RDP click on your Chintaro Cloud trial username Then click on Sign Out

If you require further assistance from Chintaro Support

Please raise a ticket with Chintaro Support by emailing if you would like further assistance.