Tenancy Notes linked to Primary Tenant Only

Client Notes for a household in a Tenancy are recorded against the Primary Tenant only. At times, a Primary Tenant may change or leave a Tenancy, and take the history of the Tenancy with them. Chintaro includes a function to be able to copy all of the existing Client Notes from one Primary Tenant and transfer them to another Client to ensure the notes remain with the existing Primary Tenant. 

Copying notes from one Client to another

To copy the notes from one Client to another, from the Home Screen, click Clients > Manage Clients> open the Client screen > Navigate to the Notes section > Click Copy Notes:

The Client Note Copy box will appear. Type the surname of the Client who you would like to copy the notes to in the search bar at the bottom of the window, then click their row to select their name. Once selected, click Copy:
A pop up will appear to ensure you are copying the notes to the correct client. Click Yes to continue:

Removing notes copied by accident to another Client

If you have accidentally copied notes from one Client to another, you can remove the copied notes in bulk by opening the Client screen who had the notes copied to, navigating to the Notes section and clicking the Delete Copied Notes button:

A message will appear to confirm you would like to delete all copied Notes. Click Yes to continue:
The copied notes will be removed from the Client screen.