GoToMeeting is the software used by support at Chintaro to assist with training and support.  Chintaro Support can share their screen to others for training purposes, or clients can share their screen to assist in trouble-shooting or other support issues.

The first time a customer uses Go To Meeting they will have to download and install the app.  If they use the web version not all options will work, such as keyboard and mouse control.

To join Go To Meeting, a link is normally provided.  This can be via a calendar invite, email, or by using the links provided from within Chintaro itself on the Home screen in the bottom left-hand side (see below).

When you click on the link, select the option "Join My Meeting" (see below).

Select "Download the app":

Either open your downloads folder, or double-click on the GoToMeeting Opener.exe file downloaded at the bottom left of your screen.


Enter your name and/or email:


Choose how you would like to listen.  You may already be on the phone with support, so don't need audio.  In this case, select "I don't need audio" on the bottom left.  Alternatively you could use headphones with your computer (computer audio), or select phone call.  This option would give you a phone number to call with an access number to join the meeting.

A window will open in your browser saying "Have a great meeting", and giving you the option of starting a free trial.  DO NOT click on anything on this window.  You can close it.  Instead, click on the picture of the little orange circle with the flower that should be displayed on your taskbar at the bottom of your screen.

You may be asked to share your screen.  If this happens, ensure you have closed or minimised anything with sensitive data you don't want to share before selecting the Share button.

You may also be asked to share your keyboard and mouse.  The window will look like the one below.  Select "Give Control".

If you check "Don't show again" you will only see the screen below once.

And that is it!  You should now be well on your way to solving problems and learning new tips and tricks with Chintaro Support.