From time to time, we have instances where two organisations merge into one organisation or an organisation is running two different Chintaro databases. Occasionally, these organisations have the desire to merge the two separate databases together into one database. 

Chintaro Support can do this by taking the two databases offline, merging them together and then sending the one database back to you. Prior to completing this work, we will send through an invoice. Please email if you would like a quote and we can provide advise on how long we anticipate that the merge will take as well as discuss a suitable date to complete the work for all parties.

What is the process?

The biggest and most time consuming task with regard to merging the two databases together, is joining the reference tables. Specifically, deciding what items to remove/keep from each table (drop-down lists) to ensure that the end result is one concise list to be used with both sets of databases. With this in mind, there are two ways that we can merge your databases together and have adjusted the cost accordingly;

Option 1: Chintaro Support completes all of the work (the more expensive option)

With the first option, Chintaro Support will merge the two sets of reference tables together for your Organisation and there will be limited input required from users. 

Option 2: Users complete some of the work and Chintaro Support completes some of the work (the more cost effective option)

Chintaro Support will provide users with two spreadsheets containing all of the reference tables for both databases (Database A and Database B). Users will need to compare each table and check that they match.  One of them will become the master. 

We would like to proceed, what happens next?

A user from your organisation will need to contact requesting a quote for the works. In order to prepare the quote, we may ask for a copy of your databases in order to quote accurately on the time that the merge will require, as well as your desired option (Option 1 or Option 2). Once we have quoted on the works, and if the quote is approved, we will then discuss a suitable date or date range (depending on the size of the merge and the option selected) to come to an agreed date. Chintaro Support will then provide and invoice and we will advise the agreed upon timeline of works required.

If you have any questions about what is involved or would like to proceed, please contact us at or 03 911 2656.