This solution details how to remove an Arrears Action on a Tenancy. This may be required if you have used the Arrears Management screen to apply an Arrears Action but this was done by accident.

Removing an Arrears Action from a Tenancy screen

Open the Tenancy screen (Home > Tenancies > Manage Tenancies > double click to open the Tenancy screen) and go to the Arrears Action box:

Double click on the action you wish to remove. This will open the Arrears Action box:

Untick the Active box of the Action you want to remove:

Click Exit. The Arrears Action will no longer appear:

Then, double click on the Note that was created at the same time as the Arrears Action:

This will to open the Note Details pop up. Tick the Transfer this Note box, and click Transfer to Client Notes Buffer:

Click Yes to the warning message, and the note will be removed from the Tenancy.