Setting up Transaction Groups for Properties allows you to group various sets of transaction types together. This allows you to see the property's balance of each group individually, allowing for greater breakdown of totals for transactions. 

Setting Up Property Transaction Groups

From the Home Screen, click System Maintenance, then click Reference Tables and select the Report Group / Transaction Group table:

The Transaction Groups listed in this section are the same for Properties and Tenancies. All Report Groups should have the Txn? and Active boxes ticked if you would like to use them in either Properties or Tenancies. 

If you would like to add new Transaction Group, go to the line at the bottom and add a new row,  ensuring the 2 tick boxes are selected:

Once complete, select the Transaction Type Property Reference Table:

Go to the Report Category 2 column in the Transaction Types reference table. For all Transaction Types that do not have a Transaction Group, you will need to select a Transaction Group that this transaction belongs to. For example, if you create a new Report Group of Centrepay Fees you would select this for the Transaction Type of Centrepay Fees:

You may also want to group various Maintenance costs by the Maintenance Transaction Group, so you would select 'Maintenance' from the Txn Group drop down list, etc. Continue down the list of Transaction Types and select a Transaction Group for each type:

Once the Transaction Groups have been assigned to each Transaction Type, these will appear on the Balances section of the Property screen, and on the Property Transactions ledger for each Property:

Transaction Group Balances in the Manage Property Transactions screen

Along with appearing on the individual Properties, the Property Transaction Group Balances will also appear on the Manage Property Transactions screen.

To view all Property Transactions, from the Home Screen > Finance > Property Transaction Functions > Manage Property Transactions.

To see how to filter and produce an export on the transaction groups in this screen, please click this link.