If you know that a call has come in, but you didn't hear it, please follow these steps as soon as possible.  Please note that if this information is not passed onto Freshdesk support within a 24 hour period, they are unable to investigate the issue for us.

If you haven't already, please log into the Freshcaller Dashboard - https://chintaro.freshcaller.com/dashboard - and check that you are logged on browser.  

If you are not Logged On Browser, this will be the most likely reason that you have not heard the call.  If, however, you are Logged On Browser, then please immediately run the Twilio diagnostics which can be accessed at https://networktest.twilio.com/

The test will launch automatically and will request access to your microphone if you've not used it before.  It is very important that you grant it access to the microphone, otherwise it cannot carry out the test.  

Once the test is completed, please take a screenshot of the results.  It is important that you include all the details of the Diagnostics (left hand of screen) and the Log Output (right hand of screen).  The data on each of these screens may not all fit on the one screen, so if you need to scroll down on either of those screens, please ensure that you take enough screenshots to ensure that all the data is included.  Do not be concerned if the video tests fail.  

When you send this screen shot to Jordan, please also include the following information:

  • phone number that made the call
  • phone number that it called
  • the exact time that the call was made and specify whether it was AEST or AEDT (during daylight savings).

This information can be found in the Call Metrics screen which can be accessed from the menu on the left of the Freshcaller screen.

To find the number that made the call, look in the "Customer" column.

If the number is not associated with a customer in our system, it will show up as numerals like the highlighted one below.  If the number is associated with a customer in our system already, it will bring up the customer's name as circled in red below.  

If that is the case, click on the link to the customer name.  This will take you to the customer's "Contact" page.  You will then see the number that they have called you from on the right of the page.

The caller may be calling either our Australian or NZ numbers.  To find out which one they have called, please return to the Call Metric page and check to see which number they have called.  You can see this by checking the "Number" column.  

To find out the exact time that the call came through, still in Call Metrics, look to the right most column (which is untitled).  This will show an approximate time of the call, however, if you hover your cursor over it, it will provide you with the exact time and date of the call.  NB: this can be 1 hour out for some reason, so please double check the time and, if it is not correct, please let Jordan know so that she can make a note of that when submitting the problem to support.