Once you have entered your credentials for Chintaro Insights in to the Reference Table > Parameters, you will need to export the data you want to see in Chintaro Insights from your Chintaro database.

PLEASE NOTE: This solution is only required for non-Chintaro Cloud Users. If you are a Chintaro Cloud user, you do not need to do these steps as your Chintaro Insights data is automatically loaded from the cloud.

If you are a non-Cloud user (if your data is installed locally on your network) you will need to use this solution.

In order to see the data within the Insights platform, it must be exported from Chintaro as at a date, and uploaded to the Insights server. This solution details how to get the data from Chintaro to Insights. 


Running the Occupancy Calculation ready for the Insights Export

Before you export data from Chintaro, you must have run the Occupancy Calculation up to and including the As At Date you wish to report on. 

To check that the Occupancy Calculation has been run, or to run a new calculation, from the Home > Reports and Exports > Occupancy Calculation.

The left hand side of the screen shows the previously completed calculations. If the period you wish to view in Chintaro Insights please visit this solution before continuing: Running the Occupancy Calculation

Creating the Chintaro Insights Export Files

After checking that the Occupancy Calculation has run for the period you would like to report on, you will need to create an export of the data files from Chintaro that are uploaded in to Chintaro Insights.

From the Home Screen, click Reports and Exports > Chintaro Insights Export:

Enter the date you would like to export the data as of in the As At Date field. This date will default to the last day of the last calculation run in the Occupancy Calculation screen. 

To export the data, click the Export button. A bar at the bottom of the screen will show that the Insights Export has commenced, and you will see the status of the export on the right hand side of the screen:

When the export has finished, Chintaro will display a message to advise that the export finished successfully:

The Chintaro Insights data files will now be visible in your \\server\Chintaro\Data\InsightsData folder:

The Validation Data at the bottom of the screen will also show you some information regarding what you have exported, such as the number of Active Rooms, Properties and Tenancies:

Importing the files to Chintaro Insights

After you have exported the data, you will need to click Upload to import the data to Chintaro Insights. The import uses your private web server database to upload the data to the Insights platform.

Once the import is complete, you can log in to Chintaro Insights to see the updated data.

For more information on exporting/importing data to Chintaro Insights

Please contact support@chintaro.com.au for further information.