This solution details what Chintaro have in the pipeline for development of the next 2 major releases.  All enhancements will be included in both the MS Access and SQL versions unless stated otherwise. 

Patch updates of Chintaro will now be called Year.Month.Date and are planned to be released each month - usually around the 15th, or as close to this date as possible. Delays in releases are mostly due to the extensive testing we undertake before the version is released.

The enhancements in this Solution are what we have scheduled for that month's release. These are subject to change. We review all requests and suggestions weekly to determine if each one will be able to be developed and tested in that version, or if they need to be allocated to the next month's version. 

Please note, bug fixes are excluded from the enhancements in this solution but will be included in the Release Notes.


Tenancy Enhancements:

  • Vacancy / Void Milestone Tracking & Manage Rooms screen: Currently, there is limited functionality in the process of Vacating Tenants (usually managed by adding Notes). Enhancement will build a Vacancy module in to Chintaro to easily track and report on the vacancy process. In addition, a separate Manage Rooms screen will be built so that users can easily manage their Rooms. This will include a 'Reason for Untentantable' section. Additional information regarding the Vacancy/Void/Rooms enhancement is available here.
  • Vacating Tenancy - charge Tenant up to Vacated Date or Reverse Rent back to Vacated Date automatically: Currently no functionality for this, meaning Tenants could be undercharged/overcharged without Tenancy Manager knowing to change the rent. 
  • Client Tenancy History on Tenancy and Client screens: To show all previous and current Tenancy in a list, from either the Client or Tenancy screens.
  • Add Transaction Group Statements to Bulk Statement functions: Currently only available to create Transaction Group Statement (EG Damages, Utilities, etc) via individual Tenancy Screen. This functionality will be added to both Email and Print Bulk Statements. 
  • Add Bond Status to Bond Transactions screen: To show status of Tenant's bond.
  • Bond Transaction Edit Preference: Addition of 'Edit Bond Transaction' Yes/No Preference to allow certain users to change Bond Transactions from Tenancy screen.
  • Add Related Client's Tags and Alerts and property Alerts to Manage Tenancies screen: To enhance health and safety of users.
  • New MSD Monthly and Quarterly Reporting: For NZ users. 

Property and Maintenance Enhancements: 

  • NZ Compulsory Insulation Statement fields: to be included on the Property screen, for populating the Statement for Tenants. More information about the spec for Statements is found here.
  • Search by Order Number: To be added to Manage Maintenance Tasks screen, Manage Forecast Maintenance Tasks screen and Maintenance Task Schedule.
  • Create Property Note from email Tradesperson: Includes Property Address and Job number in Note Title, and Tradesperson, Job Description in Note Body.
  • Tenancy History tab on Property: Ability to show all previous Tenancies from the Property screen, like the Maintenance Tab on the Property screen shows inactive tasks at the Property.
  • Smoke Alarm fields for Compliance Reporting: Multiple fields to be added to each Property screen, and reports written for compliance. 
  • Ability to send 1 Quote/Work Order to multiple Tradespeople: Add functionality to send multiple work orders to a trades person in one go, rather than one by one.
  • Lock Actual Start Date and Actual Completion Date after entered (when exiting screen): Users will still be able to change the dates to a future date, but not a past date. This Preference will prevent users backdating without consent. System Administrators will be able to change any dates.
  • Ability to Inactivate/Activate Inventory Items from Manage Inventory Items screen: Ability to tick on/off in situ on Manage Inventory Items. This will prevent users from having to open each Inventory Item and untick 'Active Task'.
  • Preference for Maintenance Task Email to include the Organisation Name in Email Subject: Currently only shows as Property Name, will show Org Name, Property Address and will be a Preference to be turned on or off, depending on user's preference. 
  • Preference to not automatically change the Status of a Maintenance Task: Currently, when Work Order is sent via Email > Send Work Order To, Chintaro automatically populates the Status as 'Email Sent'. We will include a Preference for this so that users can choose to turn it off and change the status manually instead.

Report Enhancements:

  • IRRS Property Export: For NZ organisations who manage IRRS Properties, to get a snapshot of Property, Tenant, Rent, Market Rent, Rent Charged To, Previous Tenant (if not Tenanted), Program, Property Manager, Owner.
  • Turnover Days Vacancy Report: To detail the number of days between Tenancies for Properties so that users can report on periods that exceed 21 days.

System Enhancements:

  • Preference to suppress fields on Tenancy Statements and add organisation logo: Preference will be added so users can suppress fields on statement that are not useful (EG Balance As At Day Before Tenancy Start Date) and add Organisation Logo.
  • Preference for 'Arrears Grace Period': The grace period is to affect whether or not a tenancy shows in arrears (EG once the rent has been charged, the tenant is not in arrears until the 7th day when their rent falls due). This will be added to Tenancy Status and the Arrears Management screen.
  • Word Merge Improvements: Currently, when a Word Merge is run from a Bulk Screen (EG Tenancy Letters), a note is added to each Tenancy that states 'Added From Word Merge', and no details are included in the note. Enhancement will fix this, by creating an individual document for each word merge run, save a copy of the letter in a desired location and more. Additional information regarding the Word Merge improvement enhancement is available here.

NDIS Requirements:

We are also designing how we would incorporate NDIS functionality into Chintaro for Disability Accommodation Providers. If this applies to your organisation please have a look at our draft design and get in touch with us at if you have any suggestions or feedback. Link: Design for NDIS requirements and functionality in Chintaro


Client Enhancements: 

  • Affordable Rent Calculator: Request from a user to include the functionality to be able to charge rent at 28%, rather than 25% and another calculation for another user to charge rent at either 74.99% of market rent or 30% of gross assessable income, whichever is lower.

Tenancy Enhancements:

  • Create Tenancy function overhaul: The Create Tenancy function will have a new screen which will be much easier for users. Changes to the create Tenancy function will include features such as: A new screen to Create Tenancy which allows the user to set up any Payment Arrangements, automatic closing off of old Rent Record, bringing over Balances for each transaction group as they were on a previous Tenancy rather than allocating to Rent/Other and more.
  • NRSCH reporting development
  • Change Balance As At Today to input a date: Users will be able to see where Tenants are at at a date other than today.

Property and Maintenance Enhancements: 

  • Bulk Communication to Tradespeople: Currently, users can only send individual SMS, Email, Word Merge to Tradespeople. This enhancement will add the bulk functionality to send bulk communication to Tradespeople.
  • Maintenance Task - Tradesperson Compliance Warning: Automatic alert on Maintenance Tasks to alert user that a Tradesperson's licence is going to expire within 21 days (linked to Compliance section of Tradesperson's screen).
  • Add Tenancy Transaction Group collected amounts to Property Ledger: Currently only shows as accumulated rent. Enhancement to show accumulated figures of other Transaction Groups (EG Damages, Utilities, etc).
  • Owner Enhancements: Including 'Go To owner' from Property screen, Owner Notes and Related Links for Owners.
  • Show Inactive Tradespeople in Maintenance Task > Tradesperson list: Currently, inactive Tradespeople do not show on previous Maintenance Tasks (they will show as blank). This enhancement will fix this.
  • Copy all details of Maintenance Task when copying Task: Preference to include Completion Details.
  • Ability to Generate Monthly Rent Charges for Properties: Currently only weekly or fortnightly Property Charges.

Finance Enhancements:

  • MYOB Account Right GL Format: Tweak the minor issues with the MYOB Account Right GL export.
  • Tenancy Transaction Bulk Data Entry/Property Transaction Bulk Data Entry: When template is imported, show the total at the top of the screen
  • Preference to see Comments on bank import screen(s): Currently, all comments on Tenancy will show on Bank Import. We will Paramertise this so that users can choose to use them, or not.

System Enhancements:

  • ACCESS ONLY: Add SMTP Mailing: To allow users of other mailing systems other than Outlook to send emails through Chintaro (EG Lotus Notes).
  • Data Dictionary: Add all fields from the Data Dictionary to Security.