When you move to Chintaro Cloud you will need to download Parallels Client to get started. For Chintaro Cloud we use a Platform called Parallels that enables you to log into your Database on the Cloud. This platform has a Web Address to log into as well as a Desktop version that you can Download to your PC. For full functionality (importing files, etc.) we recommend downloading Parallels client to your PC. 

Desktop version: 

Web Browser version:

Due to Administrator permissions, we are unable to download Parallels Client with you during a Go To Meeting. As a result, we have created these step by step instructions to walk you through the process of installing Parallels Client. 

Step 1. Decide if you are going to log in via the Desktop Parallels Client or by the Web browser.

Step 2. If you chose to install Parallels Client on your PC, go to http://www.parallels.com/au/products/ras/download/client/ and locate the install version relevant to your PC:

Note: If you are connecting to Parallels via the Web Browser, please skip to step 7.

For Windows: Click the hyperlink highlighted below relevant to your operating system (x64 or x32) to start the download:

Note: If you do not know this information, you will need to speak to IT first. 

For Mac: Click the hyperlink highlighted below to start the download:

Step 3. The download will start in the downloads bar on your browser (This may look different depending on your individual browser and operating system).

Step 4. Once the download has finished, click to open. This will prompt the following pop up to open: Select Run.

Step 5. The Parallels Setup Wizard will open, follow the prompts as outlined below by the blue circles:

Step 6. The Parallels Client will open as shown below and you will be prompted to configure your RAS (Remote Access Server) connection. When you get to this point please click 'NO'. We will do this step during your Go To Meeting with Chintaro Support.

Step 7. If you are connecting to Chintaro Cloud via the Parallels web browser, please copy the following address and paste it in the URL of a web browser: https://chintarocloud.com.au:444/RASHTML5Gateway/#/login

The following page will appear:

NOTE: Save this address to your web browser bookmarks by right-clicking in the toolbar, and selecting 'Add Page':

If you would like assistance please contact support@chintaro.com.au