Use this Solution if you are a Chintaro Cloud user wanting to set your default printer in Parallels to print from Chintaro. 

Open Parallels Client (on your Desktop):

Right click on the Connection name on the left hand side (EG your username / organisation name), and click Connection Properties:

In the Connection Properties pop up, click Printing:

Ensure RAS Universal Printing technology is selected:

In RAS Universal Printing > Redirect printers, select to redirect either All, Default Only, or Specific Only: 

If you select 'Specific Only', you can select the printer from the list of printers below by ticking the box of the printer you would like:

Next, click Change Default Printer Settings.....

Select your default printer from the list below:

Click OK, and OK again when you get back to the Connection Properties page:

Log out of Parallels, and then back in, to apply the changes.