Thanks to everyone who came to the latest round of Chintaro User Groups.  As well as the usual places (Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Christchurch and Auckland), we had our first Wellington Chintaro User group.  The attendance to most of them was excellent, and the feedback we received was very positive.  We hope that all attendees found them very useful.

For those of you who were not able to attend, here's an overview of what took place.

We started with a description of what we at Chintaro have been up to since the previous round of User Groups -  including the unprecedented growth in our customer base - and introduced our newest staff members, Jordan Bryan and Jo Fitzpatrick.

We then talked about the changes that have been made to Chintaro (over 150 since the previous user groups) and had a look at some of the more recent ones, such as:

  • being able to export or email any report from Print Preview mode
  • saving the Manage Screens view as a default for each user
  • the new Room Status list on the Home screen.

We then had an update on progress made with Chintaro Cloud.  Now more than 20 organisations and more than 50 users are using Chintaro Cloud.  We also demonstrated Chintaro running on tablets and talked about the usefulness of being able to run Chintaro on mobile devices, and the difficulty running Chintaro in its current form on those devices.

Next we had a live demonstration of Chintaro Insights, Chintaro's new Business Intelligence tool.  The response to this was very encouraging with many attendees asking to participate in the pilot program immediately. We are still finalising some things before we make it available to everyone, but if you want to know more, you can find out here.

We then talked about the process of requesting changes to Chintaro and how that can be managed and monitored.  Chintaro is in the process of building the Chintaro Forum (which can be accessed via the knowledgebase or from this link).  The Chintaro Forum will list all of the requests Chintaro has received and advise expected dates and also to let you make suggestions and comments.  You can also follow or vote on suggested enhancements and we will be monitoring this activity.

We then talked about some forthcoming short-term changes to Chintaro, particularly about bringing all features to the SQL Server version, Condition Reports and mobile Friendly screens and the Create Tenancy screen.  We then briefly outlined some of the other things we have planned, such as Disability Enhancements, Changes to cyclical/forecast maintenance and Asset Management.

You will be able to follow these things in the Chintaro Forum.

We had a look at the Chintaro Roadmap, which will soon be published on the Chintaro Forum.  This is Chintaro's medium to long-term plan as to where we take Chintaro and should be considered a plan, not a promise.  We reserve the right to change direction at any time, depending on the needs of our customers and changes to the housing business.

Finally, we spent time discussing various ideas and requests that were brought to the meeting by the users.  These conversations varied between the different meetings but a summary of the requests is listed here.  Each of these requests will be added to the Chintaro Forum as soon as time permits.

  • Add tenant option to the columns in Manage Maintenance Tasks
  • Add the option to Tenancy w/merge where we can select the merges that are available under Arrears Management, also pull/copy the Template type into SQL.
  • Improve Speed of charging rent
  • Include reports etc. specific to different state/housing organisations so that data for reports is easily accessible
  • Alerts etc. around length of vacancy, program based, e.g. SAHF
  • Case/support worker reporting, based on case worker – providing information i.e. arrears, upcoming lease expiry, vacancy
  • Additional vacancy information specific to case workers
  • Add option to add SACAT statement to email bulk statements
  • Wish list ‘house’ 2 clients at same time (transfers) current work arounds.
  • EVOR auto can’t select family tax benefits field needed – already ticketed current work around – manual update
  • Showing tradespeople no longer active – when deactivated disappear from old work order- already ticketed
  • Exclude cancelled work orders but still maintain audit trail
  • Can work order SMS work orders – request already in progress
  • Tenant email to be an autofield (?) in work orders (maint. Task)
  • Would like more than 1 link on notes field Maint task work order
  • Would like cc on email tenants
  • No. of children not or ICS
  • Tenant portal for self management of:
  • Maintenance requests/progress
  • Account statements / arrears balances
  • Occupancy agreements/rent reviews
  • Change of details (phone numbers etc)
  • Correspondence (re: notice to vacant/remedy)
  • SMS for missed rental payment
  • Export GL transactions screen -Value of selected items has disappeared