From time to time, Chintaro Support will ask you to join a Go To Meeting session to enable us to take control of your PC (keyboard and mouse). If you have not joined a Go To Meeting before there are a couple of things that you can do beforehand to get ready for the meeting and to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly.

These include running a system check, trying a test session and testing your audio connection.

NOTE: When you have arranged a Go To Meeting with Chintaro Support, your Support representative will talk you through connecting to Go To Meeting. 


Running a System Check

Click the following link to run a System Check:

The System Check will automatically run (This should take roughly 5 seconds, but does depend on your internet connection):

And you will be advised of the outcome:

Trying a Test Session

After running the System Check, you can try a test Go To Meeting session to become familiar with the prompts.

Click 'Join a Test Session' and follow the prompts:

Testing your Audio Connection

Once you have successfully connected to the test session, you can follow the prompts to test your audio connection: