From time to time, you will need to remove a Room from within a Property in Chintaro.  For historical reasons, you can't delete the Room entirely, but you can make it inactive. For all intents and purposes, once the Room is inactivated it's 'gone' - you cannot create a Tenancy in it and it will not show on reports/exports.

Ensure the Room Status is Vacant Tenantable

From the Home Screen, click Properties, then Manage Properties, and double click on the row of the Property you want to go in to, to open the Property screen. Go to the middle section of the screen and you will see the Rooms section.

Only Rooms with a Room Status of 'Vacant Tenantable' can be inactivated, for example, the image below shows 1 Room as 'Vacant Tenantable':

If the Room you wish to inactivate is showing a Room Status of 'Vacant Untenantable', you will need to make the Room Vacant Tenantable before inactivating. Click here to see how to change a Room Status from Vacant Untenantable to Vacant Tenantable. 

If the Room you wish to inactivate is showing a Room Status of 'Occupied', there is a Tenant in the Room and you cannot make it inactive. You will need to vacate the current tenant to continue. 

Inactivate the Room

Open the Room Details screen by double-clicking the Room Status of Vacant Tenantable. The Room Details screen will appear:

Untick the Active box at the bottom of the screen to inactivate the room. 

Click the 'Exit' button to save. The Room has now been 'inactivated' or 'removed' from the Rooms section on the Property:

For further assistance with Rooms

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