1. Jen advises Jordan she has a prospect requiring further information
  2. Jordan coordinates with Damien to provide it
  3. Jordan launches Implementation Template tagged in Prospects
  4. Jordan books in time for response - a meeting with Damien which will be either face to face, virtual, or email supplying answers
  5. Damien instructs Jordan on next steps
  6. Jen provides contract to prospect
  7. Jen asks Annie to invoice
  8. Payment received - Annie changes Insightly Sales Pipeline stage to "Paid" which triggers an email alert to Jordan who will then tag the project with Implementations and other relevant tags
  9. Jordan books Pre Imp Workshop with either Anna or Damien (template to be filled in and recorded in Freshdesk or on phone app if face to face)
  10. Pre Imp is held, where the following are decided and relayed to Jordan who will coordinate:
    • Dates for data conversion
    • Dates for training
  11. Trainer who will travel completes Wrike Form and Tasks Annie to book
  12. Jordan coordinates Follow Up Training sessions (usually = or < 5, but we will deliver as many as required)