Chintaro (v6.1.20 or later) includes the Reporting Tool for New South Wales's Aboriginal Housing Organisations. This solution details how to set up and run the NSW FACS AHO Report in Chintaro.

Before you run the NSW FACS AHO Report

Before you run the NSW FACS AHO Report, you need to ensure that you have been running the Occupancy Calculation for the whole of the period you are reporting on: Running the Occupancy Calculation (to calculate Occupancy/Vacancy of Rooms)

You will also need to ensure that you have the reporting template (AHO Operational Report.xlsx) in your \\SERVER\Chintaro\Data\Templates folder. If you do not have the reporting template in your templates folder, download the template from the bottom of this Solution, and save it to your \\SERVER\Chintaro\Data\Templates folder. If you would like assistance with this, please ask your Chintaro System Administrator, or email

Running the NSW FACS AHO Report

To run the NSW FACS AHO Report, from the Home Screen, click Reports and Exports > NSW Reports > FACS AHO Reporting. The NSW FACS AHO Report screen will open:

Enter the Start Date and the End Date for the Reporting Period. 

Select an Output Folder as the location you would like to save the report by clicking the box with 3 dots, and navigating to somewhere on your PC (EG Desktop). 

Enter the Benchmark Average Weekly Rent (Per Property):

Select the Programs you would like to include in the report from the Report Program Filters box so they appear highlighted black. NOTE: This is a multi select box, where you can select more than 1 program:

Enter the Budget Amount fields as required:

Click Create Report. Chintaro will advise the report has been created successfully: