If you have tried to log in to the Chintaro Training Portal, but your log in was not successful, you will see a message stating 'Your Username or Password is incorrect':

Check your Internet Browser

The Chintaro Training Portal has been known to not work using some internet browser types in particular, Mozilla Firefox. If this is the case for you and you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can check whether or not there is a problem with your credentials or the Browser type by using an alternative .i.e. Google Chrome. 

If you have tried to log in to the Training Portal with an alternative browser and this has not worked, you may need to check your credentials or change your password.

If you have forgotten your Password and Username

If you were unable to log in via another Browser, it may be that your username or password is incorrect. Use the 'Forgot?' function on the login page to reset either your password or username.

Alternatively, you can contact support@chintaro.com.au to provide you with a temporary password. Once Chintaro Support have given you your new credentials, you can use these to log in and then set a new password.

Once you have logged in, change your temporary Training Portal Password

Once logged in, Click on your name in the top right hand corner then click on "My Info":

On the left hand side will be your username and password section. To change your password, type the new password into the field (highlighted below) then click "Update User".

Your password has now been updated. If you would like assistance in updating your password or accessing the Training Portal, please contact Chintaro Support on support@chintaro.com.au.