Objective: Send email communications to specific contacts in Insightly.  All required lists have been created ready to choose (if not, it is possible to easily create new filters).

Export Target List from Insightly to Mailchimp

Go to Contacts page of Insightly, select Contacts

Drop the 'Filter' box down:

Select your target list from drop-down (previously created) or create your own:

Select all by ticking this box (this only selects all on the page)

Select all records (this selects all on all pages):

Select More dropdown menu and then Export to MailChimp

Create Mailout Campaign in MailChimp

Login to MailChimp account: https://login.mailchimp.com/ Username: MDBChintaro Password: MDBChintaro1!

Click Campaigns>Create Campaign:

Name the Campaign (this isn’t the subject line – it’s for our info. Describe it accurately) and select Regular Campaign:

You will be asked to Choose a List (the list you previously sent to MailChimp will be waiting there). Choose Entire List:

Click Next. Campaign Info – Compose a catch subject line etc (I haven’t been able to personalise the “To” field, so my emails are always not “Dear ____” but something like “Good morning” or “Hello all Chintaro Main Contacts” etc, whichever is applicable.

You will be asked to Select a Template.  You can choose from many Saved Templates and rename a previous template and over-write previous content (probably easiest) eg:

OR you can choose from Campaigns. Once you have selected a Saved Template you click 'Next'.

You are now in the design part of the template where you can delete old information and add new information.  TIP: you work on the right side of the page and watch your work created on the left (takes some getting used to):

Please note:, the footer will be populated with our correct contact details, though it looks empty.

Send a Test Email to someone in the office. This is VERY IMPORTANT – there will almost certainly be errors requiring attention. SCRUTINISE IT AGAIN AND AGAIN … and THEN ONE MORE TIME:

Click 'Send':

The Bulk Mailout will be sent.