Chintaro V6.1.20 or later includes a maintenance export specific for New Horizons Chintaro users. Before you run this export, you will need to:

1. Download the export template (attached to the bottom of this Solution), then

2. Allow User Roles access to the Export in System Maintenance

Download the Export Template

The New Horizons Maintenance Export template (attached to the bottom of this Solution) is called AFM_WEEKLY_REP.xlsx. Click on this template to download it.

Once is has downloaded, copy this template from your Downloads folder and save it in your \\SERVER\Chintaro\Data\Templates folder. 

NOTE: Only 1 person needs to download the template in to your \\SERVER\Chintaro\Templates folder. 

Setting up User Access to the New Horizons Maintenance Export

In Chintaro, go to the Reports and Exports> NSW Reports> New Horizons Maintenance Export menu option. The default for the New Horizons Maintenance Export is to be greyed out 'Inactive' on the NSW Reports menu:

If the export is greyed out and you cannot access it, you will need to ask your Chintaro System Administrator to go to System Maintenance> Security> Control Panel, search for the Menu number 24 and Item 14, and turn on your User Role access (1 is Level 1, 9 is System Administrator):

Running the New Horizons Maintenance Export

Go back to Reports and Exports, then NSW Reports and click New Horizons Maintenance Export. The export screen will open.

Select an Output Folder (where the file will be saved), a Filename (which will default to AFM WEEKLY REP), and select Append Date to Filename if you would like today's date added to the report when it is saved.

Click Create Export:

When the export has been created, a message will appear from Chintaro advising that the export was created successfully:

If you get a message saying 'The AFM WEEKLY REP.xlsx does not exist

You will need to click on the template names 'AFM WEEKLY REP.xlsx' at the bottom of this Solution and go back to the article section 'Download the Export Template' above.