Chintaro V6.1.20 (or later) has a feature where if you have SMS capabilities set up, you are able to send an default SMS to Tenant from a Work Order. The default message will appear if there is a Tenant on in the 'Copy Tenant Details' section, along with a Scheduled Completion Date in the Completion Details section:

Editing the default message in System Maintenance 

To edit the text message in the Work Order SMS Tenant pop up, from the Home Screen, click System Maintenance> Preferences> Maintenance. Go to the Work Order SMS text field:

Edit this field to include what you would like the default SMS to say, but leave the <<WODate>> as a placeholder for the Work Order Scheduled Completion Date. 

When you have finished editing this field, press 'Exit' to save. 

Sending a default Work Order SMS to a Tenant

Once you have edited the default text in the Work Order SMS Text preference, open the Maintenance Task you would like to send your Tenant an SMS about. 

If you have a Tenant's name and mobile phone number in the 'Copy Tenant Details' section of the Maintenance Task, along with a 'Scheduled Completion Date' in the Completion Details> Scheduled Completion Date field, when you click 'SMS Tenant' the default message will appear:

Updating to version 6.1.20 or later

Click here to update to version 6.1.20

Setting up an SMS account with a 3rd Party Provider

If you do not have an account with a 3rd Party SMS Provider, click this link to see how to set up SMS functionality in Chintaro.